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Letter from BluA Malawi

Updated: May 10, 2022

The following text is published on behalf of Richard Mhinji, manager of BluA Malawi.


I am Richard Mhinji, Born in 1988, on the 29th of July. I spent my childhood on the banks of the Vipya plateau. After I finished primary school I relocated to Lilongwe city, where I attended secondary school. At that time I had started living with my brother.

After secondary school I started to work at Sunbird Capital Hotel as a Receptionist, and then later as Night Auditor. In 2012 I was very lucky to meet the BluA family from Norway; Marius and Oivind. They are wonderful people and we became friends. By my side is my friends Amos and Gift, who have always encouraged me.

When these men went back home, I thought they would no longer remember me. Surprisingly, these people did not forget. I have long had a vision of opening up my own business; Technology and Stationery. I explained this to BluA and they kept it mind. Since 2012 I have received three computers from Norway and a lot of assistance on the business and general development to daily life .

The business grew quickly and was soon recognized as one of the successful business in town. However, sad news came when the market was razed by a dangerous fire. It destroyed everything in the shops, including my shop which was then known as Oivind Technologies and General Dealers. It was a sorry state as we went back to zero.

But God is wonderful and these people still wanted to develop us further. Again they are by my side with their brave hearts and have helped me get BluA Malawi back on its feet.We are making progress now and it is our hope that in the next few months or so we will even be at a better stage.

We the BluA Malawi sincerely thank you Marius and Oivind plus the entire BluA Norway team for the continued support you give us. This is not only for us as individuals, but also help all those who have surrounded us and the nation as a whole. For instance by the time we were affected by the fire, we were about to get tap water to our home village in Chikangawa, just north of Mzuzu. So as you understand, your help is also used for the development of the nation through investments by the BluA Malawi chapter. This project is still present in our plans and once we get fully established we will scontinue our work with it. We would also like to attribute it to BluA Malawi. Even though it is near the famous Vipya Plantations, there are so many challenges in this area. Our goal is to get the tap water, which is only 1,5 kilometers away, to our village. All this is because of Marius and Oivind.

Our vision is to become a well-recognized technology supplier in Malawi and to become the first supplier to reach all of the remote areas where access is very limited. Our plan for 2016 is to establish a full internet café and printing facilities. This will come true by acquiring about 10 computers and at least a heavy duty copier. Lastly we would like to thank and appreciate the efforts of the following people for their continued support you give us; Marius, Oivind and the whole BluA Norway plus all those that accompanied you Marius to Malawi the two times you have visited us. They are such wonderful and good people. I would also like to thank the whole BluA Malawi team for the hard working spirit we show in doing things. And also special thanks to Grace and mother Lydia for supportive ideas and encouragement. They are the driving force to all work in BluA Malawi.

We would like to appeal for more and more support and help from the BluA Norway, both on the projects and business as the proceeds go to the projects and development of BluA Malawi. We need you for growth of BluA Malawi.


Richard Mhinji

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