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Nourishing food for cyclists 👨‍🍳

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Strong and healthy rider 💪

A healthy lifestyle starts with good nutrition. And as riders we want to fuel our bodies to perform our best. In the articles found in this section we share recipes with food we believe is most beneficial for the body - without compromising taste.

We are in no way doctors or in any other way educated within nutrition, but we care a lot about the topic and write these articles based on the research we have seen.

A mainly plant based diet

Modern research tells us that a plant based diet has significant health benefits and we love cooking plant based food whenever possible. A high consumption of plant based foods has shown to reduce the risk of several health concerns, yet most of us don't meet the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables.

It is difficult to find a proper definition of a ‘plant based’ diet, but it is typically described as making nutrient-rich plant foods the foundation of your diet while limiting your intake of highly processed foods and animal products. People who maintain a plant based diet may often be identified as vegan, but one might still consume small amounts of meat, fish, dairy, or eggs on occasion, and still be on a plant based diet.

We don't believe in an 'all-or-nothing' approach, but really believe in the benefits by increasing the intake of nutrient-rich plant foods and reducing intake of highly processed foods. This belief is reflected in the recipes published in our blog.

We are in no way extremists and believe that balance is key. We gladly eat less healthy foods when we really crave something, thinking that the joy of doing so will benefit us and our performance in an indirect manner.

If you are interested in learning more about plant based food for athletes, check out our article plant based food for athletes

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