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A bikepacking canoe adventure

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

We have been wanting to try bikerafting for a while. Used together, a packraft and a bike seems like the perfect combination of vehicles. Suddenly, you can access the most deserted and remote places, which very often are the most interesting camp spots.

Before embarking on this journey, we wanted to se if water actually can be our element. So we packed our bike and went to a nearby lake, where we rented ourselves a canoe. The bike had to be left onshore and we were not able to test inflating a packraft and assembling the bike onto it. Yet, it felt like a pretty good bikerafting simulation as we set sail into an unknown camping adventure.

A rider at sea, making good speed

Canoeing turned out to be a lot of fun and very manageable! After paddling for a while we found ourself a beautiful island which became our camp spot for the night. We had the entire island for ourselves, overlooking the main land where people were camping on nearly every spot that was big enough for a tent.

Camp spot with seaview

Our hypothesis had been confirmed and we are definitively ready for more water action! To be continued...

And for all you food enthusiasts out there - for dinner we went for an oldie but goodie - pasta with vegetables topped with a cashew sauce. This dish has become one of our favourites for outdoor cooking. You can find the recipe here, but this time we also added some broccoli and basil. Yum!

Food for sailors

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