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Autumn Adventure 🍂

Updated: May 10, 2022

We recently read an article claiming that during autumn there are two kinds of people - the ones playing for team autumn darkness and the ones playing for team autumn colours. The players on the first team tend to focus on the rain and decreasing temperatures, dreading the days to come with less and less daylight. A warming soup could never compete with the sizzling barbeque. The players on the second team on the other hand, look forward to long evenings on the couch with a big cup of tea, heart warming foods, cozy blankets and candles. They might also say stuff as "oh, it is so nice with this crisp air in the mornings" or "no worries, it is still bike weather".

We are definentely team autumn colours.

Beautiful colours and snowy mountains

On a chilly October afternoon, we set out into the woods for an autumn bike packing adventure. The weather forecast was showing rain and temperatures just above freezing point. With an extra warm sleeping bag and water proof equipment, this should not be a problem. However, there are some precautions one need to take when camping in cold weather. For instance, it is very important that we bring warm enough clothes and that we manage to keep our spare clothes dry. The same applies for matches and fuel. Make sure that your fuel is suitable for low temperatures and that you are able to start a fire in the morning. Otherwise things might get ugly..

Even though it is cold, we still prioritize the yummy food. Everything is just so much better with good food. This time a creamy cashew veggie pasta dish was on the menu. We prepared as much as possible at home, chopping a couple of stalks of celery and some mushrooms and mixing it together with kale and frozen peas. The mix was put into a container together with salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil, so that it could marinate while biking.

We also prepared a cashew cream sauce by blending together 100g cashew butter, 2-3 dl oat milk, one tablespoon soy sauce, a big splash of lemon and salt and pepper. We brought the sauce in a jar.

To complete the meal, we also brought some pasta. We used lentil pasta, but any type will do.

On site we cooked the pasta, sautéed the veggies and before serving we poured the oh-so-delicious cashew sauce over. This meal was so filling and warming and just perfect to make in the woods!


As the days are shorter and the evenings are dark and cold, autumn adventures means more time in the sleeping bag. Inspired by instagrammers, we brought a light chain that we could hang up in the tent. This was actually really smart, it provides so much more light than a regular head light or a single lantern and perfect for autumn and winter adventures.

Tent with light chain

After a good night sleep (because we actually DO sleep better in the crisp autumn air..) we woke up to this view:

How can we not love this time of year?!

And although we do love these trips, it must be said that coming home afterwards, taking a warm shower and spending the rest of the day on the coach underneath a blanket is pretty damn good as well..

Until next time!

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