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The City of Kinsarvik

Updated: May 10, 2022

A stormy ride across one of Norway's many breathtaking mountain plateaus. In the western part of Norway, secluded in a fiord, lies a place that is as small as it is idyllic, Kinsarvik city. In our quest to visit this place, we departed from Geilo and followed RV7 across Hardangervidda. After a magnificent decent to the fiords and passing Eidfjord, we entered RV13, which took us all the way to Kinsarvik city.

This ride is packed with spectacular views; the vastness of Hardangervidda, cascading waterfalls, tiny tunnels, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world and some pretty daunting climbs and descents.

The ride from Geilo to Kinsarvik is approximately 120 km. We chose to backtrack to Geilo the next day, but it is also possible to continue to Voss. Road bikes can be used for this ride, as it is asphalt all the way. Remember to bring extra clothes, as the weather on Hardangervidda changes quickly. RV7 is one of the main roads to Bergen, so pay attention to passing trucks.

Stage I: Geilo >>> Kinsarvik

Lodging at Highland Hotel

Stage II: Kinsarvik >>> Geilo

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