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Sunny rides in Malawi

Updated: May 10, 2022

Not far away from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, lie two beautiful places; The Kamuzu Dam and Bunda Mountain. The Kamuzu Dam is located approximately 30 kilometres southeast of Lilongwe. To get there you have to follow S124 from Lilongwe. As you get closer, road signs to the dam will appear. Until you get to the small village of Likuni, the roads are tarmacked and in pretty good condition. Expect gravel roads after Likuni. This provides for quite a bumpy ride, but aside from that it is no problem to bicycle on these roads. It is beautiful around Kamuzu Dam, with green grass, small cottages and a nice view of the lake.

Bunda Mountain is located approximately 25 kilometres southwest of Lilongwe. There is quite a bit of traffic along the Kamuzu Procession Road, but traffic decreases once you get onto S125. The roads are mostly asphalt and there is little elevation. Bunda Mountain offers a scenic view of the landscape.

Due to varying road quality, MTBs have to be used for these rides. Remember to bring plenty of water and sunblock. The traffic can be a bit intense, so pay attention to trucks and other cyclists, particularly along the main roads. Keep in mind that most roads do not have street lights, so it is a good idea to be done with the biking come nightfall.

We stayed at Sunbird Capital Hotel. This is a very nice and affordable hotel in close proximity to Lilongwe.

Ask us for more information if you want to redo this tour, and check out our track details:

Bunda Mountain

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