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The death road

Updated: May 10, 2022

If you like to ride almost 3500 meters downhill in one go, the easiest way is probably to go to Bolivia and ride the Death Road (North Yungas Road) with a tour operator.

And that was exactly what we dit 10.05.17, and it was amazing!

First there are about 20 km on asphalt starting at 4650 meters above sea level, and then the Death Road starts which is a narrow gravel road dug out in the hillside that brings you down to 1200 meters.

Apart from the thrill of the riding, going through different climate zones and feeling the weather getting warmer is great. The flora change from barren high altitude climate to rainforest, and in our opinion this is best to experience on a bike.

Scroll on down to check out our Strava recordings from the ride, as well as some stunning pictures and a breathtaking video from our audacious descent.

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