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Turtagrø Classic

Updated: May 10, 2022

Other matters brought Blu Acciaio and Friends to Leikanger. We decided to bicycle back to Oslo. After all, cycling is our preferred mode of transportation. In order to avoid the tunnels, we headed for the mountains. The first stage took us from Leikanger to Turtagrø. After a most pleasant stay at Turtagrø Hotel, we started the second stage by following Tindevegen to Øvre Årdal.

Tindevegen provides for an audacious shortcut through Jotunheimen, with breathtaking scenery, steep climbs and daunting descents. The descent to Øvre Årdal was truly epic and lasted a whooping 21 minutes. Check out our YouTube-video from the descent:

We then made our way up the mountains from Øvre Årdal and followed on to Fagernes. The third stages was more of a transport stage, where we followed European Route E16 all the way back to Oslo.

Stage I: Leikanger >>> Turtagrø (94 km) Lodging at Turtagrø Hotel

Stage II: Turtagrø >>> Fagernes (146 km) Lodging at Quality Hotel and Resort Fagernes

Stage III: Fagernes >>> Oslo (192 km)

The infographic below shows our exact route and is based on GPX files we recorded along the way. Thank you Veloviewer for the visualization!

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